Out of everything the Government does, the worst offense is both a waste of money and time, Public School.

The worst part about Public School, is that you spend all your time obeying the teacher, in a subject that you have 0 interest in. While Slavery is Auth Right, since it is forced and it makes some money, Public Schooling is Auth Left, forced and makes 0 money for everyone but Colleges, which are voluntary and which you can get into 12 years after starting Public School. That is 12 Years of around $13k a year per student, which is a waste of around $156,000 in taxpayer money.

The worst part about school though, is not even the money wasted, but the time. If Public School remained only as a tax instead of a tax and time waster, then learning on your own for 4+ years instead of wasting 12+ years of your life would earn you $55k+ annually, enough to drop $13k a year down the drain. However, Public School is a tax and time waster, so it is almost impossible for someone to save $13k or more a year while not being given the time to work a job, in the hours between 9-5. Unless, you are like a drug dealer or something in school, which they obviously discourage.

So basically, it's a prison sentence that wastes $156k of your money, if you had 0 parents that is. Parents, they keep paying for everything. Weddings, Student Loans, School. Financial Lawnmower / Helicopter parents are so annoying, since they continue Generational Poverty. All of this is subsidized by the Government.

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