[For Hire] Graphic Design, Resume Writing, Researcher, Transcriber, Virtual Fitness Coach, and more

Hi all,

Hopefully it's okay to post this in this thread since we are capitalists. I've posted and commented in here plenty, so hopefully I'm okay from the hammer but here we go…

Offering a service so I can give you something while putting gas in my car and food in my belly until I move into my place and start my new job this month.

Here are services I have provided and their cost (discounted here)…

Ghostwriting: 0.05 cents per word (500 word minimum please)

References for this and editing: https://imgur.com/a/eVUceWP

Editing 0.02 cents per word (500 word minimum please)

Graphic Design: $50 to $75 per logo with two or three revisions

Refences: https://imgur.com/a/gSJVSpQ

Graphic Design: $20 for flyer/party flyer/album cover

Resume: $30 per resume (two revisions), Cover Letter: +10, Linkedin: +$30

Reference: https://imgur.com/a/rpQdkQh

Texting: Good morning texts, checking in on you messages, or motivational, $1 per day for texting

Youtube, IG commenting and liking: $15 per month. I have 3 youtube channels and I can comment/like your YT videos. Also, I have two IG's where I can do the same.

Virtual Fitness Coach;

Weekly workouts and bi weekly check in. $50 per month

Any (REASONABLE) thing you guys offer as well.

Original post here /-+=+-\ Find Anarcho Capitalism books and info on eBay!

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